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Site update 5th February 2008

All of our puppies have now been rehomed. Many thanks to everyone who contacted us about our recent litter. I stil have many photos still to go through and will get some new sets up soon.

We have even started getting images back from the new owners already, which is fantastic for us.

Stan (Blue boy) Lucy (Blue girl) Jaffa (Orange boy)
Dennis (Pink boy) Dottie (Pink girl) Kenzie (White girl)
Dexter (Yellow boy) Yellow girl

Site update 26th January 2008

Wow! What a day. We now only have a single dog left. White girl is the only puppy now available after a very busy day. All initial enquiries about remaining puppies should be by email to paulhempsall@hotmail.com.

Site update 13th January 2008

I am delighted to say that two pups from the new litter have found new owners. We have decided to keep Green girl and have named her Hetty. All initial enquiries about remaining puppies should be by email to paulhempsall@hotmail.com.

Site update 1st January 2008

Dachshund puppy wrapped in pink blanket yawning.

"Wake me up in 2008."

Happy new year to you all. We made it through christmas and now the time has come for us to think about our puppies new homes.

The puppies are growing at an exponential rate now and are changing into real characters. Click here to see the latest puppy photos.

Standard wire-haired dachshund dog sitting in armchair

The Dogfather

Although completely preoccupied and smitten with our recent litter, we still found some time to dote over our existing brood. Click here to see some recent photos of our adult dogs.

Site update 11th December 2007

Wire-haired dachshund puppy curled up on its back asleep

Sleeping it off

The puppies are thriving and, although a bit sleep deprived, we are enjoying every minute of them. See our latest pictures here.

Site update 30th November 2007

Pregnant wire-haired dachshund bitch gazing into fire.

The wait is over...

Our home grown bitch, Lottie has had her first litter. For more details click here.

One year old wire-haired dachshund bitch on decking

Tallulah is 1.

As the birthday of Ruby's second litter has come and gone, Ross and I would like to wish all of the puppies a happy first birthday. We were delighted to receive some pictures showing the progress of Tallulah one year on.

Site update 24th November 2007

Wire-haired dachshund bitch with new litter.

Dotty's new litter

Our good friend Val has had a new litter of pups. For more details go to www.tendrow.co.uk.

Site update 27th September 2007

Unfortunately all of Dinkum's pups are now gone. Chris and ourselves would like to extend our thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in the litter.

Wire-haired dachshund bitch with new litter.

New arrivals

Site update 3rd August 2007

Ruby is a grandma. Dinkum is one of Ruby's daughters from her first litter and she has just had pups of her own sired by Howard.

Click here to see pictures.

Wire-haired dachshund bitch posed with rosettes.

Top dog

Site update 22nd June 2007

Fantastic news for Teckel's owners. See details of her recent dog show win here.

No question about who this young man's father is. Check out Murphy's new pictures here.

Two wire-haired dachshund dogs on leads sitting in long grass.

The boys are back...

Site update 11th June 2007

I recently took the boys on a sponsored walk in aid of the Jay Gee Dog Sanctuary near Boston.

Click here to see more.

Site update 4th June 2007

Please note that my email address has changed. The new contact address is paulhempsall@hotmail.com.

Four dachshund dogs sunbathing on slope.

Sunbathing on the costa del Cumbria

Site update 11th May 2007

What a wonderful holiday. We, and more importantly the dogs, had such a good time on our recent holiday to Cumbria we couldn't resist sharing a few photos with you.

Click here to see more.

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